Accumulating flying time is fundamentally important for airplane and helicopter pilots because it enables them to:

  1. Meet the requirements necessary to obtain the various licences (PPL-CPL-ATPL)
  2. Maintain their licences in accordance with the applicable regulations
  3. Acquire experience

The possibility of increasing one’s flying experience is becoming increasingly important for pilots who already hold a licence.

Within the context of the aviation community, piloting an airplane or helicopter and accumulating flying time is no longer seen as a dream come true, rather a fundamental part of the pilot training process.

Addressing the points listed above in order, we analyse the traditional, largely inefficient, methods of building up flying experience and then take a look at the most effective method, both in terms of time and cost.

Accumulate flying time in order to obtain a pliot’s licence

In the civil aviation sector, aspiring airplane or helicopter pilots are well aware that they will need to complete a certain number of flying hours in order to succeed.

In very simple terms, the requirements, in terms of flying hours, necessary to obtain each type of licence are as follows:

PPL – Private Pilot License: 45 hours

CPL - Commercial Pilot License: 150 hours

ATPL – Airline Transport Pilot License: 1500 hours

In the first instance, you can enrol in a flying school and accumulate your 45 hours of flying time while you complete the course.

In order to qualify for the next level course and obtain a Commercial Pilot’s Licence, you will need to accumulate the remaining hours for a total of 150.

In the case of an ATP Licence, you can acquire the necessary hours during the training period, or on a flight simulator after obtaining your licence.

How to accumulate flying time. The traditional methods

At this point, you will be faced with three problems.

How do I accumulate flying time?

How can I maintain the minimum regulatory hours?

How can I maintain my training level if I haven’t got my own aircraft?

The traditional, inefficient methods are as follows:

  • Working for an aero club towing gliders
  • Working as a flying instructor, if you have the appropriate certificate

However, there are serious obstacles that render these options largely ineffective.

If you decide to work as a glider towing pilot it will probably mean giving up all your weekends (as well as the odd weekday), and without getting paid.

Whereas, if you decide to try your luck as an instructor, you’ll come up against the fierce competition of legions of retired pilots. In fact, a lot of schools employ retired airline pilots who already have a wealth of experience, so there’s no guarantee you’ll even get hired.

The effective solution for accumulating flying time
There is a much more effective way of accumulating the flying hours you need.

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In addition to the above information, you can also indicate the price you are willing to pay, the distance you are prepared to travel to the airport, and the aircraft in which you wish to accumulate flying time.

We’ll find the right solution for you

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