It’s the ideal time to become an airplane and helicopter pilot. The industry is going through a phase where the demand for pilots is increasing all the time.

There was a time when the airline companies would take you on without a pilot’s licence and pay for all your training. But those days are gone.

Since the 90s it’s the pilots themselves who have had to pay for their training.. and this is the best way to start a career as a pilot. While the financial impact of this may be considerable, it permits you to choose how, where and when you want to carry out your training.

Our project, which is designed to help you become an airplane or helicopter pilot, is based on the fact that, nowadays, it’s up to you to find the flying course that best suits your objectives.

Pilotkingdom represents the ideal solution when you need to find a training course, as well as being the best way of accumulating flying time.

In fact, in addition to completing the appropriate training course, it is also necessary accumulate a certain number of flying hours in order to obtain CPL and ATPL licences.

Manu pilots embark on their careers investing large amounts of time and money, without carrying out adequate research in to the options that may be available to them.

I’d like to offer you some advice, in the hope that I can help you to avoid falling into the same trap. 

Obtain the correct information necessary to become a pilot

The first thing to do is find the correct information regarding the flying school – both with regard to the respective costs and to the services and type of aircraft on offer.

In order to make an informed choice and be aware of all the available options, once you have all the information regarding the various flying schools to hand, it is necessary compare them, and then plan your next step.

How do I go about this operation, which seems simple on face value, but is anything but in practice?

Use the right search tools

Naturally, carrying out an elaborate search of this type on large numbers of flying schools in Italy and the rest of Europe is likely to be laborious and potentially confusing. The risk is that you may end up with the wrong information anyway, meaning that, in the end, you do not have the tools you need to make the right choice.

I want to help you avoid making this mistake: don’t waste your time searching for the right flying school, use our free service to request offers from flying schools and obtain the information you need regarding the various schools, all in one place and in a fraction of the time.

How can I accumulate flying time?

As I mentioned before, there’s more to obtaining a pilot’s licence than selecting a school and starting a training course. It’s also necessary to complete a certain number of flying hours as set out in the applicable regulations in order to obtain a Commercial Pilot (150 hours) or Airline Pilot (700 hours) licence

Again, we offer an innovative service that will save you a lot of time. Let me explain:

I need to accumulate flying time; how can I book an aircraft online?

This is another mistake that I’d like to help you to avoid (when searching for aircraft to accumulate flying time). Why not use our airplane, helicopter and flight simulator booking service when you need to accumulate flying time?

The main advantage of this is that it allows you to decide where and when you wish to fly. We provide you with a large selection of schools, with a wide variety of aircraft to choose from. All you need to do is place your booking and your aircraft will be waiting for you.

I don’t want to take up any more of your time with additional explanations, the best thing you could do is sign-up to Pilotkingdom and get started straight away.

If you’re already a qualified pilot, you can book your airplane or helicopter, whereas if you’re an aspiring pilot, you can use the service to find the right school for you.

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