In the past, airline pilots were regarded rather like astronauts are today.

This view has gradually disappeared over the years, and nowadays it would appear that an airline pilot is regarded simply as someone who provides a service, and nothing more.

I’d like to take a closer look at this perception of the pilot to help you discover a highly organized world that has nothing to do with the airline companies.

I’m talking about flying schools and aero clubs. To all intents and purposes, these structures function as training centres and places dedicated to the world of aviation where you can accrue experience as a pilot.

All too frequently we only think of pilots as people who fly for a living, but, in reality, professional pilots are far from being the only category.

There are a large number of enthusiasts who want to fly purely for the pleasure of it and accumulate considerable numbers of flying hours while satisfying their passions.

In some cases, these are people who have dedicated a large part of their lives to flying, but without it ever becoming their main profession. I’ve met many such pilots and, to be perfectly honest, I’ve never noticed any fundamental difference between them and professional airline pilots.

Airline Pilot or Experienced Pilot?

We always assume that flying an Airbus or a Boeing 37,000 over the Atlantic represents the height of ambition for any pilot, but, in reality, many aviation enthusiasts manage to acquire a high level of experience that would be the envy of many an airline pilot.

For example, just consider people living in remote parts of the world where an aircraft represents the only effective mode of transport, such as Alaska or Amazonia.

Obviously, there are no such remote areas in Italy, but, just as an example, imagine how well-prepared Alaskan pilots are to deal with poor weather conditions as well as landing and taking off on difficult terrain. No flight over the Atlantic can give you that kind of experience.

Don’t misunderstand me, flying an airliner over the Atlantic with 400 or more passengers aboard is no simple undertaking, and not every pilot is capable of reaching this level. And while today’s airline pilots are no longer regarded as the superstars of the air, they remain outstanding professionals with an enormous amount of experience.

Consequently, rather than thinking of pilots simply as service providers, we should start to appreciate the experience that they accumulate during their careers.

The Experience of Today’s Private Pilots

To return to schools and aero clubs, let’s concentrate now on pilots who fly single engine aircraft purely for the pleasure of doing so, attempting to understand how they, too, can acquire significant flying experience.

You, too, could become a private pilot. Or, if you’re already a pilot, but wish to acquire more experience, you could always decide to broaden your horizons by searching for an Aero club that has aircraft available close to the sea, or in a mountainous area, for example.

To provide another example: I remember the case of an ultralight pilot who was required to carry out a flight that involved flying over the sea and near hilly terrain for over half the distance. This is not for any pilot, and while a helicopter pilot might be exposed to less risks in such a situation, in the case of an airplane the available options are decidedly limited if something goes wrong.

In the event of an emergency, the only option would have been a water landing since the closest dry land was too hilly. In the event, there were no emergencies and everything went fine, but the pilot in question had to prepare a detailed flight plan before taking off.

How to Accumulate Flying Time and Increase your Experience

If you don’t have the chance to fly in these types of areas, or in the mountains, accumulating experience that otherwise you would not be able to acquire, now, thanks to Pilotkingdom, you can decide to rent an aircraft from an aero club away from your home area.

What if you don’t have a great deal of experience and prefer to fly accompanied by an instructor?

No problem. Simply select an aircraft with instruct when booking your flight.

In my opinion, the most important thing for today’s pilot is to have access to the right tools, and, in the context of our digital age, Pilotkingdom represents one such tool, offering support for your flying activities and helping pilots and aspiring pilots alike to acquire the training and experience they need.

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