1) The user is solely responsible for the security of his/her Account and his/her access credentials.

2) Pilotkingdom s.r.l reserves the right to use the personal data collected on its Site to provide the User with news and information regarding Pilotkingdom s.r.l products and services, as well as any advertising material that Pilotkingdom s.r.l deems to be of interest to the him/her; and the User consents to such use of his/her personal data. Such material may regard the activities of Pilotkingdom s.r.l, or of third parties that Pilotkingdom s.r.l deems to be of interest to the User.

3) Pilotkingdom s.r.l reserves the right display the commercial names, logos and images of the Sellers, unless the latter have expressly requested that such items not be displayed, and Pilotkingdom has consented to such requests in writing.

4) Pilotkingdom reserves the right to use the so-called “social plugins” corresponding to social networks including, but not limited to, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

5) Subject to the explicit consent of the user Pilotkingdom s.r.l shall enable the option of link from the Account to the User’s email address or a social network. This operation would enable Pilotkingdom s.r.l to access the user’s profile information of the respective social network.

6) The User consents explicitly to receive newsletters via email. These newsletters constitute an integral part of the service.

7) The user may view his/her personal data at any time and at no additional cost. Such information shall be provided in written format upon receipt of a specific request, accompanied by a copy of a valid identity document, exclusively at the following address: Pilotkingdom s.r.l, via Barletta 33, 10136 – Turin, Italy.

8) In the event that a Consumer cancels his/her registration, Pilotkingdom s.r.l shall cancel all the respective personal data.

9) Pilotkingdom s.r.l may use the User’s personal data in order to send the latter, directly or indirectly, news and/or information regarding products and services, and marketing and promotional material the Pilotkingdom s.r.l deems to be of interest to him/her; and the User consents to such use of his/her personal data. Such material, which may concern the activities of Pilotkingdom s.r.l or third parties, shall be provided:

– for purposes relating to the services provided to the User;

– with the scope of customizing the User’s experience, in order to manage and improve the services offered by Pilotkingdom s.r.l;

– in order to communicate with the User via post, email or telephone;

– in order to promote the activities of third parties, either directly or on their behalf;

– in order to verify the identity of the User;

– in order to investigate any disputes generated by the User, or against him/her, or in any situation where Pilotkingdom s.r.l has reason to believe that the User has violated the terms of these GC or intends to carry out activities that are contrary to the Law.


This version is in force as of 01/07/2017


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